Valuation Support to Professional Parties

Valuation Support to Professional Parties

(i) Support to CPA Firms

We provide support to CPA firms in connection with the audit procedures related to testing fair value measurements that are required in their audit engagements. The fair value measurement support services include the valuation of business interest, intangible asset, share option, business combinations and financial instrument.

Typical valuation assistance include:

  • Business interest, including ordinary share and preferred share
  • Impairment testing
  • Intangible asset, including Purchase Price Allocation arising from a business combination
  • Employee share option
  • Financial instrument, e.g. option, warrant and convertible bond, etc.
  • Expected credit loss assessment

(ii) Support to Financial Institutions

We offer valuation support to financial institutions to facilitate their asset-backed lending decisions, including valuing pledged shares and intangible assets. We can provide periodic valuation of assets for clients to ascertain the terms of the loan agreement are being met.